Photolog of Global Days of Action 2006

for 3rd Anniversary of War on Iraq

How to Use

How to Use

Take the pictures of events and preparation about global days of action. Send them from cellular phone and PC.

1)Please send a mail to us.
2)We will send a response mail to you automatically.
3)If there is no trouble, it is raised within 24 hours.

We accept almost any type of movies but It is recommended within 1MB each.
(The movie within 30 seconds which are taken with cellular phone will be no problem.)

We accept JPEG, GIF, PING type but It is recommended within 250KB each.

*All contribution will be accepted until March 31.
*Test contribution is welcomed. We check each pictures before uproad.
*Related links is here>>
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Privacy policy

1) We do not use your mail address for what reason. We do not send you e-mail unless something truble.

2) Your e-mail address never put on this site in system unless you unwittingly write it.
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We want to spread your contributions beyond local languages, so act to the following effect.

1) We register your contributions with "Creative Commons" is a nonprofit organization.

2) We register your contributions on a certain condition. Go to "Commons Deed".

・If your contributions are used to disregard the condition, you may accuse offender, but I think actually it is difficult.
・"Commons Deed" is writen in over 20 languages. When you see the page, it may show in your mother language.
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1) When the media take a picture of the public and publish it, they do not ask each one about portraitright because it is almost impossible.Therefore it is generally believed that the media would not infringe on portraitright unless it infringe on human rights.This site is a kind of news site that is made from public spirit, so we rely on this idea.

2) Please ask permission from a person who is taken in a close-up before send us the one's picture.
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The war based on lies that continues to devastate the lives of thousands.Parade, meeting, lecture, vigil and more events will mark the third anniversary of war all over the world around March 19th. This site collects pictures of events and its preparation for the second year running. If you are interested in the site, send a mail with pictures. It's OK with movies now.

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