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for 3rd Anniversary of War on Iraq

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Istanbul(3000), Ankara(3000), Izmir(1000), Adana(300)
[2 photos]

Kuresel Baris ve Adalet Koalisyonu
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Santa Barbara, U.S.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara peace marchers joined the host of other peace marches in the world with a Peace March up State Street in the downtown area on a beautiful sunny day. About 500 people gathered to sing and chant and shout for world peace, and the end to the US occupation of Iraq. [2 photos and 1 video]

Indymedia logoSanta Barbara Indymedia
"Peace Marchers Protest Invasion of Iraq"

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San Francisco, U.S.

San Francisco
On March 18th, ANSWER held a protest to "Stop the War," in observation of the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. People gathered at 11am at Civic Center plaza in San Francisco before marching through the streets and returning to the plaza. Flyer, Poster, and more about the protest. [lots of photos and 2 audios]

Protests also took place in cities throughout California, including protests in Walnut Creek (Photos: 1 | 2 ) , Eureka (Photos: 1 | 2 ), Palo Alto, San Rafael (Video), Sacramento (Photos), Santa Cruz (Photos), Fresno (Photos), Orange County (Photos), and Los Angeles (Photos) .

Indymedia logoSF Bay Area Indymedia
"National Actions Against the War"

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Rochester, U.S.

Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets around the world on Saturday to commemorate the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. In Rochester a small crowd met at the Liberty Pole carrying handmade signs that reflected their disatisfaction with the Bush Agenda in Iraq. [2 photos and 1 Video]

Indymedia logoRochester Indymedia
"March Against War In Iraq"

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Pittsburgh, U.S.

One protestor arrested on Saturday was released on his own recognizance after 3 AM on Sunday morning. He is being charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Speakers and interviews from the march can be heard on this week's Rustbelt Radio (live 20th Monday at 6pm, 88.3FM).

a photo is from Anti War Bike Ride.

Indymedia logoPittsburgh Indymedia
"Anti-war protests mark the 3rd anniversary of Iraq invasion"

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Orange County, CA U.S.

Orange County
Take a look at what's brewin' from behind the Orange Curtain! FANTASTIC BRING OUR TROOPS HOME RALLY/MARCH TODAY! [20 photos]

Indymedia logoLA Indymedia
"Orange County IS What Democracy Looks Like!!"

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Minneapolis, U.S.

Today (March 18th) approximately 5,000 protestors gathered at Lagoon & Hennepin in Minneapolis to mark the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq War. [9 photos]

Indymedia logoMinneapolis / St. Paul Indymedia
"Report & Pictures From 3rd Anniversary Protest"

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Houston, U.S.

Today I attended the rally called for by the Troops Out Now Coalition at the Veterans Memorial Hospital. It was sparsley attended, a very uneducated estimate would be about a hundred people came to either the protest or the rally. We held signs at the intersection from 11 until 1pm, with many more honks of support than middle fingers or negative responses. [9 phots]

Indymedia logoHouston Indymedia
"Photos from Houston Protest of the 3rd year aniversary of the Iraq invasion"

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Fresno, CA U.S.

Central Valley
Over 300 Fresnan’s marked the three-year anniversary of the U.S. war in Iraq by holding a march and rally today. The demonstration started near CSU(California State University) Fresno and the march proceeded to the Free Speech Area on the campus where numerous community groups had literature tables set up.

The main speaker was nationally known peace activist Nadia McCaffrey. Nadia McCaffrey lost her son, Patrick, in June of 2004, in an ambush near the American military base at Balad, Iraq. [9 photos]

Indymedia logoSF Bay Area Indymedia
"Rally in the Valley"

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